Dr. Walter Kohan is an esteemed full professor of philosophy of education in the Department of Childhood Studies at State University of Rio de Janeiro. His focus areas are philosophy of childhood, thinking in education and philosophical inquiry in teacher education. In addition to his hundreds of international conference presentations and publications, he is the author of Philosophy and Childhood: Critical Perspectives and Affirmative Practices (2014), Childhood, Education and Philosophy: New Ideas for an Old Relationship (2015) and The Inventive Schoolmaster (2015).

Dr. David Kennedy is full professor of educational foundations at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA, and a senior fellow at the Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children. Beyond his decades of international presentations and practice in the philosophy and hermeneutics of childhood, he is the author of The Well of Being: Childhood, Subjectivity, and Education (2006), Changing Conceptions of the Child from the Renaissance to Post-Modernity: A Philosophy of Childhood (2006), and the editor of the recently published Philosophy of Childhood Today: Exploring the Boundaries (2017).

Dr. Michel Sasseville is full professor in the faculty of philosophy of Université Laval where he created the award-winning course offerings in “Philosophy for Children” at the undergraduate and graduate levels, taught in both Quebec and Switzerland. He is the director of a P4C series entitled Dialoguer from Les Presses de l’Université Laval, including such books as Penser ensemble à l'école (2012), La communauté de recherche philosophique. Applications et enjeux (2011), and La Pratique de la philosophie avec les enfants (2007).

This interactive workshop aims to provide an opportunity for researchers, practitioners and community stakeholders to exchange ideas regarding their notions of childhood, challenging its current boundaries and its implications in different areas of research and social life.

In the morning, we will encourage participants to reflect on their understandings of the meaning of childhood, supported by the theoretical contributions and practice-based reflections of our three international guest scholars. Though the inquiry questions will emerge from participants, we anticipate themes ranging from child agency and advocacy to cross-cultural narratives about childhood and historical representations of children in art and photography.

In the afternoon, we will consider the implications of these understandings of childhood for education and broader policy. For example: How might schools and teacher training programs be affected by such broadened conceptions? And what might be the impacts on issues as diverse as child labour, criminality, voting age, medical decision-making, military service, and research with youth participants?

We envisage these exchanges as having the potential for long-term impact on the ways participants view children, both in their scholarship and practice, while creating opportunities for new collaborations between Montreal-based researchers and practitioners with common goals and interests relating to childhood.

May 18, 2018  |  10am-4pm  |  Concordia University

Active Learning Classroom, FB-620 (map)

Coffee and light refreshments will be served.

The workshop will be moderated by Professor Holly Recchia (Concordia University) and Natalie Fletcher (Brila Youth Projects).

Challenging Childhood
An Interdisciplinary Workshop

Big thanks to the organizations who have provided financial and institutional support for the workshop:

  • Office of the Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies, Concordia University
  • Concordia University Research Chair in Moral Development and Education
  • Department of Education, Concordia University
  • Brila Youth Projects

The Challenging Childhood workshop will take place in the beautiful new Active Learning Classroom on Concordia's downtown campus:

Concordia University

Active Learning Classroom

Faubourg Building (Room FB-620)

1250 rue Guy, Sixth Floor

Montreal, Canada


Métro Guy-Concordia

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