What is reality? Can we really understand the concept of reality or do we just believe what we see? The zinesters behind the “Kaleidoscopes of Normal” issue navigated through constantly changing patterns of thought, determining their conceptions of what counts as reality, normalcy and art during a brainy week of philosophy and creativity at the University of Ottawa in May 2014. From provocative ideas about identity and selfhood to touching words and drawings about values, their zine projects are a testament to their thoughtfulness, wit and creative integrity.

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Wejdan Aboalkhoyour

Fahmo Abdi

Aggie Bertrand

Maliya Charles

Bree Cousineau

Linnea Dalvi

Ruwani DeAlwis

Athena Demeri

Luna De Salterain

Madison Grant

Anna Evans

Kyla Fleming

Olivia Fournier

Adrianne Henderson

Michelle Kharytesku

Megan McBain

Olivia McKenzie

Isabelle Quejada-Page

Aska Sheikh

William So

Rebecca Thompson

Huyen Tran



Natalie Fletcher

Megan Findlay

Felipe Arasanz

Diana Karbonowska

Krish Satyanarayana

Big thanks to our partners at the University of Ottawa for their ongoing support!