Welcome to the first edition of Think Fun camps!

Summer is a time for adventure! And nothing is more uniquely exciting than philosophical adventures. In July 2014, the Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children hosted its very first year of philosophy-inspired day camps, and Brila is proud to have helped kick off their noble work. What can laughter teach us? Can picture tell lies? Do portraits express who we are? Can we find art everywhere? The zinesters behind the “Creative Sparks” issue tackled these questions through a series of wacky creative projects, both indoors and on the sunny campus of the University of the Fraser Valley, during three intensive weeks of camp. From dress-up parties and sign language to photography activities and empathy-filled storytelling, these teams of green-clad thinkers have innovation to share! Learn about Think Fun Camps at www.thinkfuncamps.ca.

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Anastasia Anderson

Arthur Wolf

Lizzy Wilson



Caleb Anthony, Alasdair Creighton, Riley Creighton, Abi Cruikshanks, Amelie Fether, Sophia Friesen, Brennen Fryer, Olivia Geofroy, Liam Glass, Keegan Glass, Anna Hwang, Jasmin Joe, Max Jung, Hayden Kampf, Amanda Kampman, Jessica Kampman, Tobias Kettner, Mischa Kitson, Doyeon Kweon, Alice Kweon, Doha Kwon, Sasha Lambert, Eulalia Lambert, Olivia Langdon, Jane Lee, Judy Lee, Junho Lee, Owen Lukasek, Cassandra Lyle, Keegan MacDonald, Emmitt McInnes, Maguire Parker, Kylie Prosch, Nicola Prosch, Logan Schlosser, Inca Scott, Rafe Sigaty, Austin Taylor, Nathan Vance, Heidi Vance, Ava Vinet, Jane Wilson, Sally Yi



Natalie Fletcher

Sam Chaaya

Ermine Paronyan