The craze of going abroad

There are more and more students in China going abroad. Why is that? And is it really a better choice than staying in China? If you ask a random student who studies overseas why he or she wants to go abroad, most likely they will say, “I want to get a better education” which is true to some extent. However there are other reasons as well. One of the reasons is that people like following fancy trends. Person A heard person B's child is going to Canada then they start asking themselves, “Why don’t I send my son there too?” So more and more people think about it then more and more people take action. Another reason is that going abroad is a great way to get away from big exams that will influence or decide your whole life. Students have less pressure and have a better chance to enjoy their life. Or maybe people just want to look for a new life in a different country, different city. However, is that really a better choice than staying in China? First of all, students go through a phase of being alone after going abroad. Due to the fact that most Chinese students are not good at oral English, it is difficult for them to communicate with local students sometimes making it hard to make friends. Secondly, students need to adjust themselves to a totally new environment in a relatively short period, otherwise, they will be left out. Honestly, adjusting is not easy at all, so it’s a big project. What’s more, in the long term, after graduating from university, there is a great chance that students may not find jobs, so most go back to China. Yet they cannot fit in Chinese society anymore which means they cannot find jobs there, either. As a student that is studying abroad right now, I want to write this editorial to remind other students in China to think carefully before making the decision. Going abroad has two sides, like a coin. And the pressure is tough.


It’s time for a change

Some say that ignorance is bliss but only until reality catches up to you and punches you in the face. A lot of people say that they care about the earth and don’t want to destroy it and want to save wildlife, protect natural habitats. But what are they really doing to help? For most people, a whole lot of nothing. I seriously don’t think that most people realise how much the earth is in trouble. It’s a fact that resources are diminishing. What’s going to happen when one of those runs out? Is that when it’s going to hit us? We as a society take so much from the earth, we are greedy. “Give me more, give me more!” we scream out. Never satisfied with what we have, we throw out the old and take the new. Ever heard of recycling? Of course you have, you do it all the time and I bet you compost too! Right? But do you truly compost and recycle? Do you put every last drop of extra food and soiled paper into the compost bin and every single piece of recyclable material into its correct bin? If you do then that is fantastic but I will admit that I am guilty of being lazy and just throwing things in the garbage that could have been recycled or composted. I am not saying that I am perfect by any means but I do want to change. I think people should be more aware of the situation the planet is in and try to change it for the better.


When they stare

We walk down the halls. Well I walk and she rolls. My little sister is in a wheelchair due to her cerebral palsy. She has such a zest for life and a permanent smile attached to her face. Not many people see her at first; instead they see her shiny red power chair. They often gawk and stare at her as if she was not even there. My Mom used to tell me it wasn’t polite to stare so why do some people think it’s perfectly fine? I understand little children looking and pointing because maybe it is their first time seeing a person confined to a chair. When my little sister looks at me and asks why they are all looking, well that’s just crossing the line. She should not have to feel that she is not welcome in a specific place or that if she goes somewhere the only thing people will do is look. If you were to go out and all people would do is stare at your sister, how would you feel?


Why do people feel the need to lie?

For the past year or so it has puzzled me why people feel the need to lie. Isn’t it so much easier to tell the truth? I’m not saying I haven’t lied before. I have and I feel like everyone makes that mistake. But what’s the point? Protect someone’s secret? Just tell the person asking that it’s a secret and it’s not meant to be shared. Is it really worth it to lie? We start in a situation where we choose to lie or not. If we do choose to lie, it’s an entire web of lies and confusion, until we confess. Meanwhile you’d have to compose more and more lies to cover up, you’d have to keep your countless lies in mind… keeping you on your toes. Should we lie? The answer is no. When people lie to us, we feel deceived, mistreated, upset that they would do that. Lying creates hurt feelings and more drama. Why don’t we just stick to the trait of honesty?



Seeing through the eyes of others

We see it on the news daily. It’s been a constant issue everywhere. World hunger. I find world hunger a serious issue. It doesn’t make any sense how there are still hungry people in the world. All over the news channels, there are debates and reports about this situation constantly. Instead of just talking the talk, I believe we (as in as much people as possible) should walk the walk— put our words in actions not just say, “Oh, we need to make a change” but “I’m going to make a change.” But yes, it is a team effort. We all need to have our individual part in resolving world hunger. There are children and families who are starving each day, because they don’t have food. But instead we see people like models who are starving themselves to become thinner which leads to anorexia. Do you see the difference? Put yourself in their shoes: How would you feel if you had nothing to eat while knowing there are other people who are more fortunate and have the choice to eat but decide not to? It's about integrity. What if you had a child, were less fortunate and had nothing to eat? What would you do? Yeah well, I know what you’re probably thinking, “It’s their fault, why don’t they get a job?” Well you see the answer to that question is not all countries are the same; they do not offer as many jobs (remember there are seven billion people in the world). Take Somalia for example. As a Somalian girl I personally know that there are places being constantly bombed and people dying. Nowhere is safe. So how can they go to work and get paid while there’s a war going on in front of their porch. How can they receive money just so they can place a decent meal on their plate? How would you feel if you were in their place?


What's really important

This year I wrote a school speech on needs. Even now, months after arguing my point, it still drives me crazy how narrow-minded people are about their own needs. Some say food, water, sleep and shelter are all we need to survive. I strongly disagree. I structure my theory on needs like Abraham Maslow structured his—in a pyramid. On the bottom are the four I already mentioned in the category of physical needs. After that, I think we also require our mind and it has its own needs. Further, we require sociability and our race as a whole has its own needs. So our racial or evolutionary needs are on the top of the pyramid. The first layer is mental needs. I think that the mind needs passion, peace and fiction for a variety of reasons. Those include an outlet for experience, balance, and an escape. Plus, our groups need governments, achievement and a form of education. We need these for yet more reasons that include but are not limited to safety, working together, purpose and understanding. Lastly our evolutionary needs are the unknown, differences and communication. They're important for our goals, inspiration and, yet again, safety. Still, though I am convinced, it is hard to assure others who think we only need food, water, sleep and shelter. Human minds may be too narrow about this subject that greatly concerns them.


Obsessed with imaginary worth

What enrages me is the fact that in our modern society we need money to survive and to live. To eat, you need money. To have a roof over your head, you need money. To go on vacation with your family and visit relatives, you need money. Money controls our lives. Everything depends on money. If you’re not working, you’re losing money because you could be working. You wake up to make money. You raise your kids to go and make money, and the cycle continues. Why must we live in this never-ending cycle? Money is the difference between a well off family and one that can barely make it through a day. Money is the difference between an education and a persecution faced by someone who had to steal to survive because he had no money. Those with money will stay at the top and those without will fight to survive. It’s an unjust and selfish society. In the olden days, people made their own lives and traded with neighbours for goods that they both needed. Now, we trade imaginary worth—money for goods we don’t need. Because of this, we are depleting the earth’s resources and irresponsibly taking care of our planet as citizens of the earth. Now what if money disappeared all of a sudden from the face of our earth? What would change? For one, everyone would freak out. And after everything was stolen and chaotic, people would start to realize the chaos has to stop, and that they don’t need money to live. They’d start to work together as a community to help support each other’s families. Later on, cities would connect and combine, and new leaders would lead our new society. The earth would begin to work together and would thrive without money. Collectively, we must work together and advance civilization like never before. Humans should live in a shared resource society. But for now it is only a dream.


We need to try harder

Every day the environment is getting destroyed. From air pollution to water pollution to garbage, it is all taking a toll on our planet. People jump for joy when the weather is 25 degrees in April but not me. To me, it’s a real sign of the planet being destroyed by a little thing called global warming. In my opinion our government does not do enough. After all it is up to us to make things better—we are the only species with control on earth. Our time is running out and our people are taking it for granted. Clean water is becoming more and more limited each day. For people like us clean water is an automatic substance. Not for long. We one day will need to suffer the consequences as well. We need to take a stand, and fight for what is right! Our planet is dying. We all know it but why don’t we do something? Constant excuses are always used such as cost and labour, but without more help, all of those things won’t matter soon. The world will be changing drastically—who knows what our society will become. Maybe we can have an idea if we all just tried harder. People act as though they’ve given up. Maybe not enough people know about our global problems. Life without birds and trees, or nature itself would be impossible—everything on this planet is important for a reason. Tomorrow is the future and we must make it a better life.


What the world needs

To be the change we wish to see in the world, we have to first figure out what matters to us most. From environmental problems to consumerism issues, these commentary pieces isolate key world themes that deserve our attention.

Clean water is becoming more and more limited each day.


A world without fighting

We all live on this earth together. I believe we should all be treated equally. We should all help each other, share, care, and be there for each other. The main word being "should" because we actually don’t. One messed up thing in this world that I could rant about for days is war. My viewpoint on this controversial issue is that war is completely unnecessary. Why do we willingly decide to waste our time and money by fighting each other? Why should people die to help decide a political debate? Why are we choosing to fight when we could easily join together and decide things in a more civilized way? I believe if we did that we’d get a lot more done. Imagine a world where war didn’t exist? First of all, history classes would be much shorter. Family members and close friends who would have died if war existed would still be alive, and the world would be an overall happier, richer place. Think of all the money we’d save if there wasn’t war. Honestly with all the cons of war, I wonder why so many people think it is the only way to solve our problems. The day the world realizes that fighting each other isn’t going to make a change is the day people will see that a world without war is a world worth living in.

Why should people die to help decide a political debate?


A way to help animals

Could you imagine someone hurting your pet? Could you imagine someone kicking and hitting an animal? One that’s helpless to your swinging fists and uncontrollable anger? Tons of animals are victims of abuse—abuse they aren’t able to stop. Animals can’t speak out to express their anger or pain. Animals can’t get support for organizations created to help humans. Animals don’t understand our reasons—however vile—and worse, they don’t know anything else. These animals don’t know love, family or happiness. Animals might not form thoughts but they certainly know emotions, something that has actually been scientifically proven. There should be a way to help animals. There should be mandatory check-ups. There should be people with the power to take the animals away from abusive owners. Animals deserve the right to be heard, in a manner of speaking. They deserve freedom to do as they please. They deserve a loving family and a safe environment to live in. In summary, animals live in this world too and deserve just as much of it and its wonders as we do.


Not many people see my sister at first; they see her wheelchair.

We as a society take so much from the earth—we are greedy.