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Helena Ard

Aislinn Armstrong

Kiara Berezowsky

Darynka Chernyavska

Robin Clements

Miles Clements

Mitchell Epp

Alex Epp

Isabella Haley

Tatiana Kopchia

Evan Saunders

Kaelyn Winters



Natalie Fletcher

Ariel Sykes

Adam Alexander



Sean Caulfield

Shumaila Hemani

Emmanuel Osahor

Alison Starks

Nick Supina

Thomas Wharton


Thanks to the Eurekamp camp directors for all their help!


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Can anyone make art? Who decides what makes something art? Can you make art unintentionally? The zinesters behind the “Quiet Mental Revolutions” issue tackled these questions through a series of atypical art projects, both introspective and collaborative, during an intense week with local artists at Eurekamp on the University of Alberta campus in July 2013. From collective drawing exercises in the park to stealthy recordings of urban sounds, their zine projects attest to the inner deliberations that help a creative voice take shape, and to the strange adventures that happen along the way.